RateAnalyzerTM is a tool to help Loan Officers and other Financial Professionals determine when it is advantageous to refinance a given mortgage loan.

Mortgage interest rates vary at least slightly every single business day.  Sometimes the net change is so minute that it appears to be the same pricing to the consumer and sometimes there are violent swings from one day to the next.

The focus for those using RateAnalyzerTM is to offer refinances to their clients at a lower interest rate than the client is currently paying, in which the lender pays for all of the closing costs for the consumer.  In cases for which the market does not lend itself to offer "no cost" refinances the Loan Officer or Financial Professional can use RateAnalyzerTM to determine when the interest rate savings is sufficient to justify paying the fees.  

At the time of this publication more than 95% of the refinances that are completed following a RateAnalyzerTM trigger are being done such that the lender pays for all of the closing costs and even a portion of the prepaid interest, prepaid taxes and/or prepaid insurance.  

For information about using RateAnalyzerTM with your practice, or if you are a consumer who would like us to have a company licensed to use RateAnalyzerTM track your interest rates please use the contact link below: